Long distance dating advice

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When you can't talk in person, communication of those thoughts and feelings becomes even more important.

Let's just start by saying that moving over the holiday season was rough. No matter who you are, your relationship status, or how confident you are, navigating an LDR is complicated to say the least.

When you first start dating someone, it's easy to imagine everything is perfect.

Here are a few tips for surviving each phase of an LDR, from your first goodbye till you meet again.

Well, it becomes a little harder when you’re thousands of kilometres apart.

However not only are long distance relationships doable – and worth it – there are actually some benefits (yes, really).

Prioritizing seeing each other in person when you can while you wait for the day when you can finally live in the same city. You’re not going to casually run into each other or see each other when your social circles overlap, so you need to be even more intentional about dating one another. Make the same recipe and compare notes while you eat “together.” Don’t let dates become an overthought just because you can’t physically go out for dinner together. Don’t limit your long-distance conversations to one medium. Find ways to make your long-distant significant other feel like a greater part of your life far away.

Schedule regular Skype and phone dates — not just ten minutes here or there. Maybe provide them with a cute flowchart of your work colleagues so he/she can follow your work stories better. Try to include your boyfriend/girlfriend in the details of your life.

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