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The company was formed in 1979 in Brentwood, California, as a collaboration between researchers at Caltech and Citibank's advanced technology group.

The company was acquired by NCR Corporation in 1991, and subsequently spun-off again as an independent public company on October 1, 2007.

The company produces a relational database management system of the same name, which it markets as a data warehouse.

It also acquired new technologies by making many acquisitions.

Previously, this model, known as "i Tunes Plus", had been available only for music from EMI and some independent labels.

Starting in 2010 more and more titles with BD-Java are featuring an automatic resume point.

Note If you don't want the disc position to be remembered, press Stop twice before ejecting the disc or turning off the player, or press Stop when the "resuming" message appears when the disc is loading.

Some Apps cost money (called "Paid Apps") and some are free (called "Free Apps").

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