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So they're a sort of fictional troupe, probably based in somewhere like Dewsbury." By now, says Alan, they are calling themselves by their stage names and he can watch them, from a "respectful distance", as the show takes shape ahead of tomorrow's opening performance."I've given them a sort of half and half script, where they have gaps for addresses to the audience, which will all be improvised," he explains.Shazza Baillee of Karaoke Under the Stars said there was still time for people to enter."The 2015 KWC heats are being held at Mc Guires CBD Hotel on Thursday nights at 9pm and are run over a period of nine weeks with three winners chosen each night," she said.

He represented Australia in Ireland for the World Championships and was ranked in the top 10 in the world after the final.

"This comp is open to all karaoke enthusiasts and singers; amateur and those who have earned less than ,000 per year (through their singing).

"Competitors are urged to be there early to get their entries in." Winners from the heats will compete in finals and then 12 people will sing two songs at the grand final on Saturday, July 18, where three winners will be selected to represent Mackay in the North Queensland KWC finals which will be held on August 8.

She moved to Hong Kong at age 10, where she had her formative years and lived until she was 18.

After graduating from Hong Kong International School she moved to Los Angeles, California, and attended college at Musician's Institute.

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