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Stamp the standing up bird and words inside the card as shown on bottom left.

Color the bird inside the card using the Copic marker colors above in supplies.

- III - Porque meu olhar de criança resta em sua memória, e lá apenas, como pedra que se perde no fundo de um lago, que se perde no bosque, que se perde, que se perde... ) Porque teu lembrar é uma via a qual devo percorrer, procuro sufocado um caminho a esquerda, um abrigo, uma guarida qualquer para poder morrer de amor e renascer...

Porque teu sorriso é pesado fardo e tua voz me persegue como eco na solidão da minha alma, tendo tanto por esquecer, foi aí que acabei por esquecer a mim mesmo...

Islamophobic Attackers Target Women A study has found women wearing head coverings are most likely to be targeted by attackers, with 76 per cent of women who are attacked identifying as Muslim.

The report, which was conducted between several universities also found a clear relationship between terrorist attacks and the number of Islamophobic attacks.

Long lines are expected as a result of the scanners, and venues are worried about street safety as well as loss of revenue. We’re looking at T2108, a percetage graph representing the percentage of stocks above their 40 day simple moving average. As you can see, as the T2108 touched the 80% line which is the white horizontal line that connects the apexes of the green graph, the SP500 readily fell down precipitously. It looks like we have 2 or 3 days after which, coincidently, we’ll start getting job report figures: We’ll get the ADP report, initial job claims, and the employment report on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively. If you are a long term investor, you might want to buy a 5th of what you expect to invest because it’s still possible that this market keeps going up.Don’t take my word for it but I learned from somewhere that 40 day simple moving average is the de facto average for mutual funds. Historically, the T2108 has shown some interesting patterns against the major averages such as the S&P 500. I’m not predicting the market would fall like it has in the previous instances. If you are a medium term trader like me, I would nibble a little here and there and put a tight stop.It was also found that an overwhelming number of women were accompanied by their children at the time of the attacks, and almost 80 percent of perpetrators were male.Killing of Children by Australian Troops Revealed The alleged killing of at least two children by Australian soldiers in being investigated as part of a defence inquiry into the conduct of Australian forces in Afghanistan.

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