Anri du toit dating with

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Sixteen The delightful little girl with the snake around her neck in the latest music video by Die Antwoord is actually their real-life daughter. Her name is Sixteen (for real) and she also appears on the latest cover of Rolling Stone SA along with her parents.

Here is the heartwarming family portrait: But several years ago, when Ninja was still known as Watkin Tudor-Jones and Yolandi Vi$$er as Anri du Toit, they also appeared in an issue of Obrigado Magazine.

Sixteen was then known as Sixteen too: What does the future hold for this seven year-old?

South African party rap crew Die Antwoord have taken to their official Facebook page to offer their side of reports alleging that duo Ninja and Yolandi Visser stole their style as well as design elements and lyrics from a group of troubled South African youths., Cape Town farmer, Andre Laubscher alleged that Watkin Tudor Jones a.k.a.

The actress is neither divorced nor does she have any boyfriend in her life.

She believes having an affair and dating the person is total waste of time and harm of her career.

The boys — Wanga Jack, Mzamo Mzi, Aviwe Dikiza and Chelvin Engelbrecht — were members of a hip-hop crew called The Glue Gang Boys and stayed on Laubscher’s farm on the slopes of Tamboerskloof.

Waddy, now known as Ninja, at the time went by the name Max Normal.

TV and was dating a girl by the name of Anri du Toit, later to rebrand herself as the hyper-sexual, foul-mouthed pixie rap star Yolandi Visser.

This legend in the making has her unique way of presenting herself on the stage.

The way she dresses up and her bizarre yet unique make-up is something that attracts and compels her fans to love her more. She has an average tall with a height of 5 feet 4 inch. Her musical career started back in 2001 and is still is engaged in the music scene.

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