Grad student dating a professor

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In the fall of 2009, there were nine candidates for president of Princeton’s freshman class. Concerned by this fact, a group of Princeton faculty and administrators began gathering data about gender diversity on campus.

They found that, over the past 29 years, Princeton had only six female chairs of the honor committee, nine female editors-in-chief of the college newspaper, and four female student-body presidents.

The majority of my students are trying to do well but might just not know how to do school or act professionally.

A small fraction of them, maybe one a year, are total disasters: They skip class, blow off assignments, and then claim "they didn't know" about whatever it is they screwed up.

When I first considered leaving my journalism career to become a journalism professor, the academic calendar helped make up my mind. I still dream about school, but now it's showing up for class with no notes and no lesson plans. Most of my students are not interested in the same things, and they don't think like me.

It's an all-year job with big chunks where you don't have to go into the office but you still have to work. As a student, my anxiety dreams involved not being a college graduate because I kept flunking/skipping math class. I was a nerd who loved school and reading and writing and history.

Those breaks all exist, but I usually spend them grading, preparing for the next semester, writing something to stay relevant in my field, or teaching an extra class for more money. Sorry if you were in that class the first time I taught it. You'll still have anxiety dreams about your classes.

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